Thursday, December 6, 2012

Prepare The Holiday Sweaters...

      Well its December, and you all know what that means?  Thats right, Christmas! Trees, gifts, snow, bright decorations, good dinners, egg nog, friends, families, holiday films, and christmas carols.  There really isn't anything not to like about this holiday season, or is there?

     Thats right some traditions aren't as classic or loved like fruit cake.  The one not so treasured tradition that stands out the most to me is the "UGLY SWEATER".  

My image of  a "man?" in an ugly sweater

      Man I love the ugly sweater. I go out of my way to find them when I go to any store. I even get a kick out of all the ugly sweater contest you find on TV. In fact I saw a contest one on the news the other day, THE NEWS.  Apparently bad clothing is important information.  The reason I love this so much is the complete self awareness and embrace of how silly the holidays can get us. People donning this  gay apparel are now just trying to out Ugly each other.

     God the sweaters, its just all wrong the colors, the patterns or even how scenes, and some even play music or light up and even all of the above. Its just all wrong and in the best ways. 

     Well anyway the point of this is just to celebrate not only the good of christmas but show how we can even embrace and love the really bad things that it brings out in us.


Until Next Time !


Monday, November 26, 2012

Monster Me Portrait

      Hey there everyone! Sorry there was no post around Thanks Giving, I was spending time with my family and I hope you all had fun with yours.  For those of you who remember, I posted some sketches of work I had started and neglected to finished . One of those pieces was this, 

sketchy sketch sketcherson

      It's a self-portrait I started a while ago and I feel like sharing it with you all, cause if there is one thing people want to see Its a big grinning monster portrait of me.

Green Monster Me

        Not much more to say its a big picture of me as a monster, so....

Until Next Time !

Edited By : Mia Rose Cammisa

Monday, November 19, 2012

"The Mermaid's Treasure" silly title, good image

        A while back I watched a HORRIBLE special on mermaids.  The "documentary" (and I use that word very loosely) tried to prove the existence of mermaids, it's about as silly as ancient aliens specials.  The special was so offensive to anything scientific that I won't even show you a link to it or even give you its name.

        As bad of a special that was it did get me thinking about the history of Mermaids in different mythologies and in pop culture. It also got me interested in making a mermaid image of my own.

"The Mermaid's Treasure"

       Mermaids themselves don't particularly interest me but making a mermaid image would be a nice chance to play around making an undersea landscape.  The process of this image was pretty fun and it changed a lot from the original to finish.

Segment from original ink work

          Shortly after finishing and scanning the original ink work a big glaring problem popped up, and if you looked at the finish you probably already see what it is.  The face, the face was terrible, how did I not see it?  It was an issue that needed to be fixed and lucky the fix was simple.

a quick before and after

        The fix ended up being very simple.  Turned out I just over inked, or detailed, her face up. A simple use of the erase tool and poof 20 years younger.

     I hoped you enjoyed hearing a little about the process of this image and it gives it a little more life.

Until Next Time!

Edited by : Mia Rose Cammisa

Wednesday, November 14, 2012

Dinner Time

     If you are the type of person to spend a lot of time on the internet you know the term
"Om Nom Nom."  It brings images of cute little creatures adorably eating their num nums. Cute creatures kind of like these guys.

Look at their cute little faces

    There is just something about watching these sweet little fellows eating, but what if these darling creatures were the ones on the menu!?

      This is an image I did a while back. It wasn't a big project at the time as I originally drew it up quickly with the idea of using it as a test piece for changing up line colors.  Usually I keep the line work in my images constant; dark blues and blacks, so I thought it was time to change it up. Basically this was only used as a device for teaching myself how to separate the line work and in that I think I did a good job.

my layers for this image

     But afterward, manly cause of the color pallet, I wasn't very interested in going further with the image and it stayed that way for a while. I finally decided to give it a new coat of paint ( digital paint that is ) and post it up.  So here it is the new finished product.

!! Look at all them colors !!

        Like I said earlier in this post, this image was only a test next post, I will show you the piece that came from this little work on lines.

Until Next Time !

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Monday, November 12, 2012


       So I missed blogging during October, but let us pretend I didn't and have a bit of Halloween in November. One of the reasons I haven't been keeping up with my blog  during October was because I was so busy having a good time with my girlfriend carving pumpkins and helping her with a holiday party.  I would love to talk about it more but she has already done such a great job talking about it on her own blog so go check them out on her blog.

     PUMPKIN CARVING > Click Here

     COSTUME MAKING > Click Here

   Moving on, I also wanted to talk about some of the art I've been making.  Near the beginning of last month I posted an image I was working on of a monster stalking children for their candy
"Click here to see that blog".  Well here is the finish to that image now.

      Don't worry though that wasn't the only piece I did during October, if it was that would be silly, so here are some of them now!

Moon goes up! Moon goes down!  

     I really liked making this one.  The idea was that this gigantic creature is just playing with the moon like a yo-yo walking around the earth.  Nothing special, just an idea I thought was really really cute. 

Monster Me.

      The last image for today was a small self portrait I did of me as a monster.  It looks a lot like a werewolf but once I'm finished it should stand out more as a monster. 

      Hope you all enjoyed your collective Halloweens and this blog.  And don't worry I won't have any Thanksgiving themed post 'cause lets be honest, who really cause about Thanksgiving except for the food and being the best month to buy christmas gifts. 

Until Next Time !

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Monday, October 15, 2012

Exaggerated Portrait # 14 : Betty

        Wow, its sure been a while since I did one of these! And just for fun, this one is in color.

      Betty was born a little strange and so the other kids would often be pick on poor Betty. If only those kids knew the truth. Betty wasn't strange, she was different.  
      Betty had telekinesis and when her powers manifested during her thirteenth birthday she used them to get her revenge and killed the kids who tormented her, and before anyone knew what happened she was gone, never to be seen again. 
      Ever since then, during the month of Halloween there are reports of bizarre accidents. The only things these accidents have in common is that they all happen to the bullies in schools. So if you are a bully you better beware, especially during Halloween...


   Until Next Time, hope you enjoy your Halloween!

Edited by : Mia Rose Cammisa 

Monday, October 8, 2012

Character Design : Grimmie Grimes

     With Halloween on its way, here is a quick pic of one of its most treasured icons...

!! DEATH !!

    Here is the image in color.


     Until Next Time!

Edited By : Mia Rose Cammisa

Tuesday, October 2, 2012

The Candy Monster and I'm Sorry

      Oh my god! It has been a really long time since I posted anything, and I'm sorry about that.  I've been moving out of my old house for a while and haven't had all of my supplies to do my work. But you probably don't care to hear my excuses, so lets look at some art!

     So Halloween is right around the corner and I, for one, can't wait !!! In the future I hope to post images of my pumpkin carvings, but for now I've been working on this piece. 

Candy Candy Candy
     This is the crazy candy monster stalking his next meal. Don't worry it's not the children, even though the one is dressed like a ice pop, it's their sweet sweet candy.  So this Halloween if you you're going trick or treating keep a close eye on your loot because the candy monster sure will!

     Those of you who follow my blog may know that I love drawing all sorts of creatures and monsters so its easy to get why I love Halloween. Expect more monsters coming this month!

Untill Next Time !

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Tuesday, September 4, 2012

Thursday, August 30, 2012

What Time is it ? ADVENTURE TIME !!!

         Recently I finished a piece of art in honor of one of my new favorite shows:

Adventure Time Logo

        There's no need to gush about the show. Simply put I thinks it's awesome. Finn and Jake's crazy, random adventures in the Land of Ooo are always so entertaining.  If you've never watched the show I highly recommend it especially if you like random craziness and cute creatures kicking "butt".

        But back to my original point; I was finishing up on a fan-art image to Adventure Time when Mia told me about a web contest.  The contest is to create an Adventure Time image to put onto a t-shirt.  The contest is being held on a site called WE LOVE FINE and for the contest link "click here".

My original design
Design posted on shirt. This can be yours, just give the votes. 

       I entitled it "Pouty Time" and it is along the same style as my Gumpy Old Men series, and the concept is pretty simple.  "The adventures have to slow down some time, right?"

      I think it's ironic that I made the image knowing nothing about the contest. Talk about good timing! Even more ironic is awhile ago I posted a series that got pretty popular based on some famous Marvel Villains under the name Grumpy Old Marvel Villains. At around the same time I'd produced those images Welovefine was having a marvel villain contest. Talk about bad timing! 

     Hope you like the design and would like to own it. You can vote for it on the link below if you like it. Voting starts 9 /10 /12 so see you then. 

Link to vote on Pouty Time here --->  POUTY TIME !!!

Until Next Time !

Edited by : Mia Rose Cammisa

Monday, August 27, 2012

Space Ranger Mia

        Some of you out there have probably noticed that at the end of my blogs I put a byline that reads
"Edited by : Mia Rose Cammisa." I'm sure you all have wondered "Hey, who is that?" Well, IM GOING TO TELL YOU!  So sit back, grab your favorite carbonated beverage and prepare for a tale of wonder and excitement. 

        I've always had issues with reading and writing. I enlisted Mia to help with my blogs by translating them into "real" english for you all to enjoy, but she is much more than that.
        Mia is a writer and crafter. She writes about her crafts on her blog, Tiny Hands Crafts, and we even collaborate on projects time to time.  She also runs a small little web store on Etsy called Theda Vintage, where she sells vintage clothing.   So yes Mia is a good writer, artist, business women, martial artist, and all around great person, but did you also know that she is also a...


Mia riding an Anthonos on a strange planet surface.

       Thats right, Mia has traveled the suns and stars many times in her journey to discover the unknown and boldly go where nobody has gone before.  While we sit and celebrate about the "Mars Rover" Mia was riding Anthonos on the surfaces of strange planets.  While we where debating on wether or not to fund NASA's space programs Mia was fighting off lord Xenu for control of the planet.
      Yes Mia is a women of wonder and she is all mine.

Until Next Time !

and of course this blog is edited by : Mia Rose Cammisa

Monday, August 20, 2012

Video Game Character Sketches

       I love making little doodles in my sketchbook.  Sometimes I sit for hours and just draw. It doesn't matter if it turns out   good, bad or ugly; just to draw is enough.  I recently drew a series of quick sketches in my mole skin based on some of my most beloved video game characters.








     Fan art is always fun because I know I already like these characters. I'll keep you all posted whether or not I'll do more with them but for now bask in their glory.

Until Next Time!

edited by Mia Rose Cammisa

Wednesday, August 15, 2012

Thursday, August 9, 2012

Dealing with Demons

          A while back I showed an image in a post called "Making a deal with a Demon". You can view that post here > Click here.

          A lot went into that piece and I wanted to talk about the process that went into the final image.

Original sketch

           The original was drawn in my tiny mole skin sketch book that I use for drawing on the go. The idea was to make a lurking figure, crouched over and staring over its "victim."  The creature was always meant to be a demon but instead of a the classic demon with two horns and a tail, I this one to exhibit how other cultures have shown demons, and devils through ritual masks.

Well Demon sketch sheet

         The Well Demon was the main element for me, if I could make it work then the rest of the image would come together around it.  My first thought was to sketch out a demon mask without a connection to another culture but it started to look a little to bland and without much personality. So, I tried to mix elements of other tribal masks to create something unique and still familiar.

  For a while I considered a number of poses for the Well Demon,but in the end I liked the one I started out with. He is much more menacing crouched over his well and so the piece took on a haunted look. d

       At this point I had it all sketched out, the Demon, the setting and the composition. I knew I wanted to have a female figure as the person that came to make the deal with the demon.  There was only a small issue...

Early sketch of female figure, notice the difference in hair style.

       I hate admitting this, but I have always had trobule drawing "attractive" female characters.  My style tends to go more into cute or grotesque so unless I make the female overly cute I have always had issues in depicting female characters. This was a good chance to improve that skill.  I wanted to go for a slightly older women, so you can infer why she would make such a dangerous deal, perhaps to get back a lost loved one.
Early color for Well Demon.

       I always think of color as I draw so just filling them in is no problem, however I always make small changes as I go.

Final image.

I hope you liked seeing a little behind the scenes and looking at the evolution of this idea.

Until next time ! 

Edited by : Mia Rose Cammisa

Tuesday, August 7, 2012

Little Tree Friend

      A tree's life must be very boring.  A tree can't move so it can't see new things or go to new places.  A tree doesn't talk much and when it does it really doesn't have anything new to say.  Yes, a tree's life isn't that exciting at all.  So a tree must learn to find fun and excitement anywhere it can, and in the case if Tree Jerry, that fun came in the form of a baby bird. 

Tree Jerry and his baby bird.

        Jerry loved to take care of his little bird which he named "blue".  Blue was left alone after her parents was forced to leave because of a storm. This left Jerry as Blue's adopted father of sorts.  He would play with Blue day after day.  If blue would to ever fall Jerry would catch him on his finger.  Jerry loved Blue and after Blue grew up and left, Jerry would talk endlessly to all who would listen about his little friend.  Years pasted by and the other trees grew tired of Tree Jerry's stories, and the boredom returned.  Until the day an adult Blue bird came to Jerry to build her nest.

Hope you enjoyied this little story and image.

What could of been.

        As a little treat here is originally how I was planing to make the image, it has a lot more focus on its ink work but in the end I feel the one I choose to go with just has more warmth to it.

Until next time !

Edited by : Mia Rose Cammisa 

Tuesday, July 31, 2012

Sandy Beaches and Sandy Art

      Last week I went on vacation to Ocean City with my gal and some of her family.  Because of this I neglected posting on my blog for over a week.  It was an amazing time, walking on the board walk, eating junk food, playing in the arcades and winning some prizes for my special little lady, and going to the beach and swimming in the ocean for hours.

     Before I went on the trip I told my self I would do work everyday, but I was having so much fun I never really got the chance. However art is found in all forms and I do got a little something to show.
One day while on the beach, the day I got sunburn, I decided that instead of spending all my time getting hit in the face with waves I would try my head at sand sculpting.

crazy sand face, and yes that is me in the photo !

       I never really worked in sand, and at first I thought it would be impossible, but like every medium you just have to learn how it works. Sometimes you need to work around it and not try to force it to work around you. After a little I was getting the image I wanted from it and was working pretty fast. I was originally going to leave the image was  just a head.... but the I was INSPIRED !

     While looking over my great creation I was told a story about ancient guardian statues created to ward off spirits and I thought I want to make one of my own. So I started on the great mermaid of the ocean that wards off sea spirits.  The finished would come in at well over 10 feet long and about 6 feet wide.

me shoveling out tons of sand to build in some depth to my creation.
look at his amazing pectoral muscle

       Sadly I was unable to finish my giant creation.  Spending hours working on him left me a bit burnt you and fatigued. I decided to take about an hour break and when I returned my poor guardian was trampled all over and behind recognition.

Last image before destruction. 

     Even though he was destroyed I am happy I got these images. I always knew it was a temporary image, I'm just happy it was such a great experience.  Hope you enjoyed it and hope to get a chance to do it again.

Glad to be back, Until next time !

Edited by girlfriend and fellow blogger : Mia Rose Cammisa

P.S. check out this post to see all the shells we collected  >  click here

Wednesday, July 18, 2012

More fun with sculpey

      A while back I did a blog post on a couple of faces I made from Sculpey, click here to see that post.  I still do work in Sculpey and wanted to show a couple more pieces I've done. 

Its like the Wallace of your nightmares  

        Because I don't work with any kind of stand, mostly because I don't have an kind of stand, it was  easier to work on a flat surfaces and build on top of them.  My Sculpey work is very much reminiscent of my "Exaggerated Portraits" series.

Surprise more faces

       A bonus that comes with working in Sculpey is that I get to collaborate.  All the paint work in both of the pieces were done my girlfriend, and fellow crafts worker Mia Rose Cammisa, check out her blog "Tiny Hands Crafts".  Doing  these collaborations were really fun and I look forward to more in the future.

Until next time !

Edited by: Mia Rose Cammisa

Monday, July 16, 2012

Character Design : Jimmy the Hammer

      Jimmy the Hammer was once known as Jimmy shorts or Jimmy brows, until he "convinced" those people otherwise.

Until next time !

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Friday, July 13, 2012

Pixel Werewolf, finished

A while back I did a blog about pixel art work : see it here 

     In that post I talked about my increasing interest in pixel work, I also showed an in progress attempt at pixel art of my own.  The my first attempt was of a polar werewolf and was still very early on.  It had an extremely thick line around the entire piece, and was very plan in color.

The in progress image from old post

Finish image

      I added a lot more depth in the color and made the outline much more minimal.  I still feel like I have a lot of space for improvement with pixel art, but I  find this image to be a very successful endeavor!     

Until next time !

Edited by : Mia Rose Cammisa