Tuesday, August 7, 2012

Little Tree Friend

      A tree's life must be very boring.  A tree can't move so it can't see new things or go to new places.  A tree doesn't talk much and when it does it really doesn't have anything new to say.  Yes, a tree's life isn't that exciting at all.  So a tree must learn to find fun and excitement anywhere it can, and in the case if Tree Jerry, that fun came in the form of a baby bird. 

Tree Jerry and his baby bird.

        Jerry loved to take care of his little bird which he named "blue".  Blue was left alone after her parents was forced to leave because of a storm. This left Jerry as Blue's adopted father of sorts.  He would play with Blue day after day.  If blue would to ever fall Jerry would catch him on his finger.  Jerry loved Blue and after Blue grew up and left, Jerry would talk endlessly to all who would listen about his little friend.  Years pasted by and the other trees grew tired of Tree Jerry's stories, and the boredom returned.  Until the day an adult Blue bird came to Jerry to build her nest.

Hope you enjoyied this little story and image.

What could of been.

        As a little treat here is originally how I was planing to make the image, it has a lot more focus on its ink work but in the end I feel the one I choose to go with just has more warmth to it.

Until next time !

Edited by : Mia Rose Cammisa 

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