Tuesday, July 31, 2012

Sandy Beaches and Sandy Art

      Last week I went on vacation to Ocean City with my gal and some of her family.  Because of this I neglected posting on my blog for over a week.  It was an amazing time, walking on the board walk, eating junk food, playing in the arcades and winning some prizes for my special little lady, and going to the beach and swimming in the ocean for hours.

     Before I went on the trip I told my self I would do work everyday, but I was having so much fun I never really got the chance. However art is found in all forms and I do got a little something to show.
One day while on the beach, the day I got sunburn, I decided that instead of spending all my time getting hit in the face with waves I would try my head at sand sculpting.

crazy sand face, and yes that is me in the photo !

       I never really worked in sand, and at first I thought it would be impossible, but like every medium you just have to learn how it works. Sometimes you need to work around it and not try to force it to work around you. After a little I was getting the image I wanted from it and was working pretty fast. I was originally going to leave the image was  just a head.... but the I was INSPIRED !

     While looking over my great creation I was told a story about ancient guardian statues created to ward off spirits and I thought I want to make one of my own. So I started on the great mermaid of the ocean that wards off sea spirits.  The finished would come in at well over 10 feet long and about 6 feet wide.

me shoveling out tons of sand to build in some depth to my creation.
look at his amazing pectoral muscle

       Sadly I was unable to finish my giant creation.  Spending hours working on him left me a bit burnt you and fatigued. I decided to take about an hour break and when I returned my poor guardian was trampled all over and behind recognition.

Last image before destruction. 

     Even though he was destroyed I am happy I got these images. I always knew it was a temporary image, I'm just happy it was such a great experience.  Hope you enjoyed it and hope to get a chance to do it again.

Glad to be back, Until next time !

Edited by girlfriend and fellow blogger : Mia Rose Cammisa

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