Wednesday, July 11, 2012

Making a deal with a Demon

      We all know it's a bad idea to make deals with shady characters. So why in so many works of fantasy and fairy tales are there so many people willing to do just that.? This is one of those stories.

        I wanted to make a "deal with the devil" type image for a little while and finally decided to make it.

I created a myth to go behind this image, it goes as followed :

       In this small village it is said if you travel into the cemetery alone at midnight you will find an old wishing well.  If you were to throw a gold piece down the well you would be able to call upon a old demon spirit  that could be made to grant to owner of the coin one wish ....for a price.

But this brave woman didn't care, she had a deal to make, and perhaps not enough time to make it.  In the darkness, armed with only her lantern she threw the coin into the well. Plop!

She waited.

When the demon appeared, staff rattling, fangs glistening with saliva she doubted her decision. Would it all be worth it?

stay tuned for later post to see the process I went through to create this image,

Until next time !

Edited by: Mia Rose Cammisa 

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