Thursday, August 30, 2012

What Time is it ? ADVENTURE TIME !!!

         Recently I finished a piece of art in honor of one of my new favorite shows:

Adventure Time Logo

        There's no need to gush about the show. Simply put I thinks it's awesome. Finn and Jake's crazy, random adventures in the Land of Ooo are always so entertaining.  If you've never watched the show I highly recommend it especially if you like random craziness and cute creatures kicking "butt".

        But back to my original point; I was finishing up on a fan-art image to Adventure Time when Mia told me about a web contest.  The contest is to create an Adventure Time image to put onto a t-shirt.  The contest is being held on a site called WE LOVE FINE and for the contest link "click here".

My original design
Design posted on shirt. This can be yours, just give the votes. 

       I entitled it "Pouty Time" and it is along the same style as my Gumpy Old Men series, and the concept is pretty simple.  "The adventures have to slow down some time, right?"

      I think it's ironic that I made the image knowing nothing about the contest. Talk about good timing! Even more ironic is awhile ago I posted a series that got pretty popular based on some famous Marvel Villains under the name Grumpy Old Marvel Villains. At around the same time I'd produced those images Welovefine was having a marvel villain contest. Talk about bad timing! 

     Hope you like the design and would like to own it. You can vote for it on the link below if you like it. Voting starts 9 /10 /12 so see you then. 

Link to vote on Pouty Time here --->  POUTY TIME !!!

Until Next Time !

Edited by : Mia Rose Cammisa

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