Tuesday, June 5, 2012

Grumpy Old Men

       A while back I made a small series of 4 portraits, featuring very wrinkly old men.  The series was done as a quick experiment in line that originally started in my sketch book.  They seem to be one of the more popular series I have done.  So I just wanted to quickly talk about how and why I did them in the first place.

First One I made and still my favorite one 

           After I made the first one I thought I'd made a very cool style and decided make a few more, and defining the characteristics of of the series.  The elements that I kept was bold style and abundance of line work.  The lips, all have a similar look as well as the ears.  The shoulders are always trailed off with energetic quick brush strokes, and most importantly their gem like eyes.

the second done, that brought over all the elements mentioned above

         I really think the eyes, more than anything, became the main trademark of these portraits. Eyes are very important in cartooning, they have a way of connecting characters together much more then any other human feature, their eyes are certainly unique in that.  They have these cold soulless nature to them, a blank stair with no emotion that sets the mood for each one of them.

Third in the series and what seems to me most others favorite

        The color work was another big part of these pieces once it was brought over to finish.  There where a couple other versions before I decided that minimal was best and kept the pallets for the original four Grumpy Old men to two colors apiece.

The Final Grumpy Old man isn't so grumpy

       The reason I bring these old works up at all is that I will soon be showing and talking about a new set of Grumpy Old men series that I have finished resently.  So stay tuned for more "true believers"
Until next time ! 

To Be Continued !

Edited my : Mia Rose Cammisa

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