Friday, June 29, 2012

Playing in Pixels

      Lately I've been looking more and more at pixel art.  In case you weren't familiar, pixel art that is reminiscent of old 8-bit and 16-bit video games from back in the day and are made up of a tiny squares.
8-bit pixel image of MEGA-MAN from his days on Nintendo

      I love playing old retro games, like the ones on SNES and the Genesis.  I've started appreciating the art of those games for their nuance nuanced.  I find it weird it took me so long to get into it since while in college I had a teacher who does amazing pixel art works.  The teachers name is Jude Buffum (website here) and I put examples of his work below.

       Works like these above and others from other artist are fun parodies of old retro games and also fun video game versions of some of our favorite cult films.  

Using MEGA-MAN again, here is a screen shot from mega-man x  

         Pixel art can create great depth and super cool images, I mean just look at that bee, so cool and colorful. The limitations of working with pixels are a fun and challenging process, forcing you to be even more creative. If you look at the difference of characters from that age and now, you will notice a huge difference in cast of characters, color and settings. I definitely have an interest in working in pixels and would like to give it a try.
WereWolf  character : Work in Progress.
        I wanted to give my first try with something simple, so I am making a werewolf creature. Since this is my first attempt there is still a lot to learn and I will be making a lot of changes before it's done. So stay tuned for the finish in the future and...

Until next time !

Edited by: Mia Rose Cammisa 


  1. I really like this post :) Pixel art is definitely underappreciated. I really like your werewolf! It makes me want to try some pixel art myself. When I was little I spent a lot of time making pixel art in MS paint. Jude's work looks really cool too.

  2. Wow Anthony that's super awesome!! Love the werewolf he's cute!!! XD