Friday, June 15, 2012

Grump Old Loki

     This entry we look at the original Avengers villain and brother to Thor....

       Loki, in the MARVEL universe is the god of mischief and tricks.  What Loki lacks in power, he makes up for in cunning and powerful magic.  Born to the ice giants, enemies of Asgard, he was hidden in shame for being born so small.  When Odin, Thor's father, defeated the ice giants in battle he adopted Loki as his own.  Loki grew up hating Thor for all the attention and praise he got growing up. He eventually dreamed of ruling all of Asgard.  

Bust of Loki.

         Loki is not only grump, but whiny to boot.  it seems like he can never stop complaining about being adopted and how he deserves to rule.  He's an interesting character in that way, a spiteful spoiled brat with incredible powers.  We get to see the horrors that type of person unleashes.  Loki also got the honor of being the main antagonist in this years summer blockbuster, The Avangers.

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