Thursday, June 21, 2012

Grumpy Old Thanos

       Saving the Best for last.  Finally, we come to our last entry in the MARVEL VILLAINS edition of Grumpy Old Men, now we come to.....

           Thanos is from an Alien race on a planet called titan, and is a major MARVEL universe villain.  Thanos has been called the mad titan and he certainly earns that title. He was first introduced in the 70's and has been up to no good ever since.

           I have been waiting to talk about Thanos for weeks, he was the main reason I did this whole MAVREL edition to the Grumpy Old Men.  

Original concepts from my sketch book
            I wanted to do a small piece of fan art of Thanos since I found out that he's going to be the next big villain in MARVEL's next Avengers sequel.  I always been a Fan of him and glad to see he is going to be coming to the big screen in a few years.

           What can you say about Thanos?  I love Thanos, his powers, his attitude, his presence they're all great.  I love his crazy outfit and how he's obsessed with death.  I don't mean killing, he is actually in love with the character Death in the MARVEL universe and makes countless attempts to win her heart.  Most notably, he wiped out half of the life of the universe with a snap of a finger in the MARVEL event Infinity Gauntlet.  

Thanos wiping the floor with the Avengers.

            Thanos is the most epic of villains, just nobody can really stand in his way.  The Avengers, Captain Marvel, Silver Surfer, and Adam Warlock, even Galactus and Eternity, all have fallen under the mighty hands of Thanos at one point or another.  The mad titan is a classic in terms of a villain and I love him for it.

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I hope you enjoyed, Until next time!

Edited by: Mia Rose Cammisa

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