Friday, June 1, 2012

Exaggerated Portrait # 13 : Philip the doodle

        A quick word, this is my 50th blog post and I am so happy how far I've come and how much art I’ve been able to post. I can't wait to see where I am on my 100th post.


         Recently I’ve lost access to the adobe programs on my computer which is what I use, a great deal in fact, to work on my art. I don't have the money at this point in time to buy them again so I’ve decided to take this time to experiment with my work until I can get those programs back. I want to go back into playing with clay and carving as well as more with paint mediums, and what ever else catches me.

Pan out for more leg, and a hint of something more!!!

        For a little bit of fun I placed this exaggerated portrait on the leg of my significant other and fellow blogger, Mia.

       Philip seems to enjoy his home; much more then he would on a page of Bristol. Sadly he was eventually washed off but this only adds to the unique story of Philip!

        Philip the doodle was born a little orphan boy with no place to call his real home, never adopted he left the orphanage when he came of age. Philip just would wander for years, from limb to limb doing odd jobs to support his travels. After years of travel Philip found a place to settle down, and he finally felt at home, little did he know his happiness would be short lived. Philip didn’t know that his home world,that he spent his entire life on, was getting ready to take a bath. Sadly Philip, and everything else, didn't survive the flood.
Until next time!

Edited my : Mia Rose Cammisa

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