Monday, May 28, 2012

Rise of an ARTIST and batman too.

This blog is a squeal to "Batman taught me to read", so go read that one for some more background on this one : click here

         We last left off with me explaining that after discovering comic books I found that they were not only easier to read for me but actually improved my reading skills.  Sometime during the 4th grade my teacher in the special classes started noticing that even though I had little skill in reading, my mathematic skills where above average.  It was eventually decided that I would be divided between special classes and normal classes for math. At the time I was told by my teacher I was the only student ever to have this happen, which made me feel a little special but a lot more terrified. 

         On the one hand I was slowly climbing the academic ladder and getting into better and better classes for more subjects. On the other hand I was always wondering "for what and why does any of this really matter", I eventually got my answer.

         All the while this was going on, in fact ever since kindergarten, I would always be drawing.  Art was a unique world for me, it just came so easily and yet was more challenging than anything I had done before.  Even though I could draw for hours and was considered good even as a child, I knew I could improve. I loved the journey I was on, and as it turned out, it was never ending one.

draw draw draw draw draw draw draw draw draw draw draw draw draw.

         When I finally realized that - yes all the art you see everyday in life people get paid to make it and it doesn't just appear. I knew I wanted be one of those artists.  I set a goal. Here in Philadelphia there is a high school called CAPA, the school for the Creative and Performing Arts and I wanted to attend.  If I could get accepted into that CAPA it would be official that I was a real artist. 

         There were two things standing in my way:
1.  I needed to improve my art skills to be more like the professional pieces. (even now I'm still working on this)
2.  I needed to get out of the special classes once and for all. ( because at the time I was told CAPA didn't teach for special kids, which I later found out wasn't true)

       Eventually I got the option to leave special classes once and for all and I took it. It was a hard choice, but I went for it. Over the next few I took the same classes as every other student and continued working on my art. When it came time to go to high school, I was accepted into CAPA. It was one of the happiest days of my life and it made me even more confident in my art. Thanks for listening to this part of my artistic journey, I'm thankful that I can communicate it to you. Also Batman.

Until next time! 

Edited my : Mia Rose Cammisa

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