Wednesday, May 9, 2012

Exaggerated Portrait # 12 : Mike

How Mike lost his smile

      Mike always had the nicest smile and always made sure to let every body know about it. Absolutely every one he came across he had to flash his award winning smile and brag about all 32 of his pearly white teeth. Granted his smile was worth bragging about until one day when he bit into the wrong kind of fruit.

     Needless to say it can get annoying and nobody thought so more than Mike's own grandmother, Stella, who lost her own teeth long ago.  After a while Stella devised a plan to shut Mike up once and for all.  Mike had a daily routine to keep his pearly whites pearly, after brushing Mike would eat an apple.  Knowing this Stella took his apples and placed them in the freezer so when he Mike went for a bite it'd be like biting into a rock. Once she heard the crying from the kitchen she knew that her plan had worked and she'd never have to hear Mike's bragging again.

Edited by: Mia Rose Cammisa

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