Friday, May 25, 2012

Batman taught me to read

This week I thought I would talk a little about my early education, and how I overcame my learning disabilities.

         When I was a child I loved super heroes, monsters, and tales of fantasy. I lived in a world of make believe, and to some extent I still do. I had a ritual of Saturday morning cartoons back then, waking up to the stories of spider-man, batman, the turtles, power rangers and X-men. Things seemed perfect at that time.


         Around the same time my parents were called in to talk to my teacher about holding me back a year. When they asked why they were told I couldn’t read. After a mountain of tests I was finally diagnosed with dyslexia. 

         What’s funny is that for years no one knew because I’d always get A’s and B’s on tests, even one’s that were heavily centered on reading because I would memorize the way the words looked they forget it. Even though that got me through by first couple of years in school the teachers couldn’t help but notice that I still knew nothing about reading and writing.

Dyslexia is hard to explain

         So in the end of all the talking and the test I had to leave the horrors of my Catholic school and go to public school where they had classes for "special" people like me.

Things went on normally for while, except for the giggles and funny looks a kid gets for being placed in the special classes, but I was slowly but surely learning tricks to read. I was learning, but the progress was very slow. I still couldn't get through reading a book without getting a migraine, that is until I discovered comics. Around that time I became friends with a neighbor who loved cartoon heroes as much as me. He also read and owned the comics those heroes began in. After a while he trusted me enough to let me borrow those comics of his to read.

I noticed reading comics came easier for me. I was able to read through issue after issue with out much difficulty. My mind was opened to a whole new world of stories. After a while I noticed an improvement in my normal readings and writings for class, and things would only improve over time...
Until next time! 

To be continued!

Edited my : Mia Rose Cammisa

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