Friday, May 4, 2012

A trip to New York to see the Engine

      Yesterday I got to take a trip to New York with friend, and fellow artist, Mike Burns. The reason for the trip was to see the gallery opening for "The Monster Engine", check out more on it here

Examples from the monster engine project.

       "The Monster Engine" is the creation of artist Dave Devries. It all started with the question of what would a child's drawing look like when painted realistically. The engine has been around for years and I have loved it since I first heard about it, so it was a great opportunity to see this amazing work in person.

The front and back of the card given out at the show.

     The gallery will be up from May 3, to May 30, 2012 at the Sacred Gallery, located 424 Broadway 2nd floor (between Canal and Howard) New York, NY 10013.    

     A great topping of the evening was meeting Dave Devries himself. I was able to get his autograph and then have him pose for a picture with me and Mike.

In Order from left to right: Mike, Dave, and yours truly. 

       Our trip didn't only consist of seeing the gallery, it was a all day event. We got there early enough so we could walk around the whole city and fine some cool and interesting spots. Some note worthy places we went were The Evolution Store located in SoHo, a fascinating place where you can fine science and nature collectibles like fossils and bugs. It’s pretty much like the coolest science class you could dream of.

        Another place that speaks more to the nerd in me was the comic store Forbidden Planet. The biggest comic store I have seen to date, simply put, they had EVERYTHING, definitely going to check it out again, next time I go to New York. 

        We also were able to find the Comedy Cellar, a place known for all the amazing comedians that have preformed there. Mainly Mike and I were excited since it’s featured in the opening of the show Louis, and comedian Louis C.K. still performs there. 

Me in front of the Comedy Cellar. Sadly we couldn't actually go there this time .

      I had a great trip to New York that really gave me a boost. I got a lot of ideas from the trip and talking with Dave at his show was a real reminder to keep going and never slow down.

 Edited by: Mia Rose Cammisa

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