Monday, June 11, 2012

Grumpy Old Red Skull

      Here we have another in my Grumpy Old Men series and it's a vile, evil little man. In all of the MARVEL comics universe you might not find any more evil and malicious than ...

The Red Skull
       The Red Skull, Johann Schmidt, is the arch enemy to the American hero and leader of the avengers, Captain America.  From starving orphan boy to second only in Nazi enthusiasm to Hitler during world war II, Red Skull became a master of disguise, tactical genius, and expert in combat under Hitlers personal training.

Image of comic cover featuring Red Skull

       I mainly like this villain for his amazing design.  The deformed red skull mask, beady yellow eyes, and green, whatever it is that he wears,  just screams horror.  In the comic he has a weapon called his dust of death that turns his victims faces into shriveled red faces, resembling his own.  Like most villains his main goal seems to be rule the world and cause destruction.  Red Skull fuels his evil with his hatred and contempt for all mankind, making him one of MARVEL's grumpiest old man.

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Edited my : Mia Rose Cammisa

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