Monday, June 18, 2012

Grumpy Old Leader

        All bow down before the might of.....

         The Leader is to brains what the Hulk is to muscles.  The Leader, real name Samuel Sterns, was exposed to gamma rays much like the Hulk, only in his case it was his brain that was super enhanced.  Sterns, like so many villains before him, has the simple goal of ruling the world.  He has  had many plans that revolve around overthrowing governments with the aid of spies and other MARVEL villains, like the Chameleon.  The Leader also has tried in vain several times to defeat the hulk. The Leader rarely seems to work alone, instead opting to aline with others to accomplish his goals.  A villain that works with schemes and manipulation, a rare treat in comic books.

A bust of The Leader being grumpy and wearing a  silly devise on his head.
artist unknoen

           The Leader is one of the silliest looking villains, and I love him for it.  He's just a very skrunny green man with a giant freak brain.  They even designed him with pointy eyebrows and a little devil goatee just in case you don't realize he's evil.  I also like that Leader is the opposite to his arch enemy the Hulk, classic brains vs brawn, much like a Superman, Lex Luther scenario.  By far the greatest part of The Leader is his name, it just seems so arrogant, I love it.

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     A quick side note, look at how silly this version of Leader looks with his stupid butt shaped brain.

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