Monday, August 27, 2012

Space Ranger Mia

        Some of you out there have probably noticed that at the end of my blogs I put a byline that reads
"Edited by : Mia Rose Cammisa." I'm sure you all have wondered "Hey, who is that?" Well, IM GOING TO TELL YOU!  So sit back, grab your favorite carbonated beverage and prepare for a tale of wonder and excitement. 

        I've always had issues with reading and writing. I enlisted Mia to help with my blogs by translating them into "real" english for you all to enjoy, but she is much more than that.
        Mia is a writer and crafter. She writes about her crafts on her blog, Tiny Hands Crafts, and we even collaborate on projects time to time.  She also runs a small little web store on Etsy called Theda Vintage, where she sells vintage clothing.   So yes Mia is a good writer, artist, business women, martial artist, and all around great person, but did you also know that she is also a...


Mia riding an Anthonos on a strange planet surface.

       Thats right, Mia has traveled the suns and stars many times in her journey to discover the unknown and boldly go where nobody has gone before.  While we sit and celebrate about the "Mars Rover" Mia was riding Anthonos on the surfaces of strange planets.  While we where debating on wether or not to fund NASA's space programs Mia was fighting off lord Xenu for control of the planet.
      Yes Mia is a women of wonder and she is all mine.

Until Next Time !

and of course this blog is edited by : Mia Rose Cammisa

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