Thursday, August 9, 2012

Dealing with Demons

          A while back I showed an image in a post called "Making a deal with a Demon". You can view that post here > Click here.

          A lot went into that piece and I wanted to talk about the process that went into the final image.

Original sketch

           The original was drawn in my tiny mole skin sketch book that I use for drawing on the go. The idea was to make a lurking figure, crouched over and staring over its "victim."  The creature was always meant to be a demon but instead of a the classic demon with two horns and a tail, I this one to exhibit how other cultures have shown demons, and devils through ritual masks.

Well Demon sketch sheet

         The Well Demon was the main element for me, if I could make it work then the rest of the image would come together around it.  My first thought was to sketch out a demon mask without a connection to another culture but it started to look a little to bland and without much personality. So, I tried to mix elements of other tribal masks to create something unique and still familiar.

  For a while I considered a number of poses for the Well Demon,but in the end I liked the one I started out with. He is much more menacing crouched over his well and so the piece took on a haunted look. d

       At this point I had it all sketched out, the Demon, the setting and the composition. I knew I wanted to have a female figure as the person that came to make the deal with the demon.  There was only a small issue...

Early sketch of female figure, notice the difference in hair style.

       I hate admitting this, but I have always had trobule drawing "attractive" female characters.  My style tends to go more into cute or grotesque so unless I make the female overly cute I have always had issues in depicting female characters. This was a good chance to improve that skill.  I wanted to go for a slightly older women, so you can infer why she would make such a dangerous deal, perhaps to get back a lost loved one.
Early color for Well Demon.

       I always think of color as I draw so just filling them in is no problem, however I always make small changes as I go.

Final image.

I hope you liked seeing a little behind the scenes and looking at the evolution of this idea.

Until next time ! 

Edited by : Mia Rose Cammisa

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