Monday, November 12, 2012


       So I missed blogging during October, but let us pretend I didn't and have a bit of Halloween in November. One of the reasons I haven't been keeping up with my blog  during October was because I was so busy having a good time with my girlfriend carving pumpkins and helping her with a holiday party.  I would love to talk about it more but she has already done such a great job talking about it on her own blog so go check them out on her blog.

     PUMPKIN CARVING > Click Here

     COSTUME MAKING > Click Here

   Moving on, I also wanted to talk about some of the art I've been making.  Near the beginning of last month I posted an image I was working on of a monster stalking children for their candy
"Click here to see that blog".  Well here is the finish to that image now.

      Don't worry though that wasn't the only piece I did during October, if it was that would be silly, so here are some of them now!

Moon goes up! Moon goes down!  

     I really liked making this one.  The idea was that this gigantic creature is just playing with the moon like a yo-yo walking around the earth.  Nothing special, just an idea I thought was really really cute. 

Monster Me.

      The last image for today was a small self portrait I did of me as a monster.  It looks a lot like a werewolf but once I'm finished it should stand out more as a monster. 

      Hope you all enjoyed your collective Halloweens and this blog.  And don't worry I won't have any Thanksgiving themed post 'cause lets be honest, who really cause about Thanksgiving except for the food and being the best month to buy christmas gifts. 

Until Next Time !

Edited by : Mia Rose Cammisa

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