Monday, April 30, 2012

The Solo Tribune

        A short time ago I was asked by my old friend, and amazing illustrator, Miguel Mansur to be a part of his new art community currently on Tumblr.  The ultimate goal is to build a community of Philadelphia friends and fellow artists.  It is still in the beginning stages, but I believe in time it will lead to many great things for Philly artists. Hopefully such things as gallery shows andwide spread promotion. 

       The Tumblr, as you can probably guess by now, is called SOLO TRIBUNE. It already features an amazing group of artists such as: 
        and of course yours truly!  So go check it out and enjoy the work of some of Philly's finest and show your support.  Here's an image I've recently posted there and stay tuned! 

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Friday, April 27, 2012

Fun with my new Water-Color Pencils

My Pretty Little Flower !

      I usually work in the digital medium, but sometimes it’s fun to branch out and try something different. One of the different ways I enjoy is watercolors. Watercolor works well to compliment the ink work I do, giving me illustrations a different dimension.

Essentials watercolor pencils.
      It had been a while since I used watercolors though, so I thought a nice way to start up again would be to do it with a twist.

Goofy Frog creature

     I always wanted to try watercolor pencils. They’re very travel friendly and create nearly the same effect as traditional, so as a test I picked up a pretty cheap set and went to work.
They took a little getting used to since now laying down the colors was now divided into two steps. While laying down the pencil you need to keep in mind that you will be watering them down, so think of how you want the color to spread and be careful you don't lay down to much or to little.

Happy Dino-Ghost

    In about no time at all I was having fun with the pencils and felt I had gained enough control over them to get my desired effect. I’m glad I made the investment and recommend them to anyone that wants to use water colors but doesn’t know where to begin.

Dimwitted Demon - colored by my special gal Mia Rose.

      Finally I just wanted to show the image I had my girlfriend color in. She got curious about what it was like working in the pencils so I made her an image to color in.    

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Monday, April 23, 2012

The Final Encounter

         Our heroes have had a long journey. They have come a long way to the ice cavern, to their final goal, "The Treasure Room".  However their adventure is not over yet, as they enter the final chamber they are encountered by the cavern's guardian.

The agile archer readies her bow

           The party is at the ready. They're prepared for their most fierce encounter yet. For the first time  they are unsure of their success and fear for their lives as they stair into the eyes of such a dangerous creature.

The Wise Wizard prepares his greatest spell

           But the party must remember they are not alone. Through their adventure they've always had each other to rely on. Still, will their number be enough to see them through this battle? 

The Dreaded Dragon of the Ice Cavern.

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Wednesday, April 18, 2012

A really unlikely Hero

        On my last post I showed a sketch of a hunchback character from my sketchbook: click here.
I didn't plan on doing more with it, but something about his face just called to me and I just had to give this poor guy a little more life.  

         o what about this guy is so special compared to all the other heroes and monsters I’ve been posting lately? It has to do with how sad his story is compared to others. As the creator of that story I felt obligated to go further with his image then others, and also to give him a happy ending! 

        No-Names life was off to a bad start from birth. He was born to poor farmers who hated poor No Name for his physical abnormalities. Their disdain for the deformed child grew as they found that he wasn’t able to help around the farm because of his deformities. They hated their son so they refused to give their own son a name.

         When he hit his teen years luck was on his parent’s side as a traveling freak show came to the town, they sold him at the first offer and was done with him. The show named him Newt, for they said he had the ugly face of the lizard. 

         What No Name had first thought would be a new start to life, that he’d be greeted open arms of acceptance, quickly turned out to be a worse situation than he was in before. No Name preferred the silent neglectful hate of his parents to the loud violent insults of hundreds of circus goers throwing garbage in his face. 

         That was the routine of his life for many years until one day he overheard that Ringleader talking about pulling No Names act. The cruel man has decided to kill No Name before the circus got to the next town. This diabolical plan was never carried out though, as a mysterious fire swept the circus grounds. Everyone there either died or became missing, everyone except one truly nameless freak. It was unknown if he caused the fire or not, but everyone assumed he did and he quickly became the target of a manhunt. 

         Unable to hide or run very far he was caught almost immediately. The towns people carried him to the hangman’s noose where he was set to be hung from his fat slimy neck till dead. 

         The once named Newt, was now a nameless criminal. They walked him onto the platform and the noose placed around his big slimy neck, then his face was covered with a bag to hide his hideousness. When the floor dropped out the crowed listened intently to hear his gasps of the sound of bones cracking. Instead they heard nothing, due to his strong and thick neck nothing happened. They left him there for days in hopes that he would eventually starve to death. One night, as he swung himself to sleep he began to here footstep approaching him. He was scared, for who would approach him unless to do him harm. Suddenly he heard the unsheathing of a blade and boom! He was dropped to the ground. He had be saved! But by who? His rescuers pulled the bag from his head. He saw his savors in the form of the other circus freaks!

         They told him that it was them who started the fire in a plan to escape. They have started a militia that had just taken over the town and wanted him to join.

        Dawning his new warrior attire he would help defend the newly concord town with his fellow deformed brothers, and to alls surprise they would have nothing but victories, until one day when they’d be finally left alone.. They had finally won, they were free from the mocking eyes of others, free to just live in the town they conquered, and years later the nameless freak finally was given a name from his town, Champion.

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Friday, April 13, 2012

Exaggerated Portrait # 11 : David

Dave, the sleepy

       "I feel so tired. I feel so sick. I had planed to go do things today but when I woke up it was like my allergies came and slapped me silly. Its weird how much damage a single sneeze can do to you. oh well better get some rest and hope when I wake I am in a better mood."  So Dave slept a few more hours until he woke again.

      "I feel so tired. I feel so cold. I forgot to close my window earlier and now Im freezing. I planed on going to work but I think I got a cold now. Well, I should try and get some rest and hope I feel better by the time I wake."  So Dave slept a few MORE hours until he woke again.

      "I feel so nice. I feel rested and ready to conquer the day." Finally David is ready to go and live his life and get out there. Sadly for Dave however, is only a few moments after going outside he was hit by a car and is now bed ridden for at less a feel weeks.

     "I guess i'll see how I feel tomorrow..."

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Wednesday, April 11, 2012

One Buggy Experiment

The Doc was working in his lab late one night 
When his eyes beheld an eerie sight. 
The bugs from there tanks began to rise. 
Then suddenly to his surprise.

The Doc
        Im not going to finish my super awesome rendition of monster mash, but I will show the bugs the great Doc has been experimenting on.

The Fly

The Spider
The Caterpillar


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Monday, April 9, 2012


      Sunday was easter and I hope we all had fun with our families, and that there are no unfound eggs laying around to rot and stink up you home. For myself I am a bit to old for egg collecting so I celebrated my own way.

Me and Mia's painted cardboard eggs
    Me and Mia went to a craft store and got fake eggs to paint and instead of making traditional eggs I make goofy face eggs as gifts for my family.



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Friday, April 6, 2012

Exaggerated Portrait # 10 : Earl

The Tenth Portrait !!!

       Ten years ago on Earl's tenth birthday, he received ten beautiful gifts from his ten friends.

Ten coloring books from his pal Carl.  
Ten comic books from his acquaintance Sally.  
Ten board games from his buddy John.  
Ten goldfish from his amigo Jane.  
Ten flowers from his gal Mary.  
Ten action figures from his chum Doug.  
Ten movies from his bro hank.  
Ten bags of candy from his homie Larry.      
Ten lego sets from his associate Frankie

    And finally Ten pairs of socks from his enemy Sid, but who is Sid, well that is a story for another day.

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Wednesday, April 4, 2012

I need A Hero

          I post a lot about monster, and why not? They're fun, bizarre, and when needed can be ferocious and threatening. For those times when a monster is threatening and terrorizing your town, its time to call in the big guns; its time to call in THE HEROS! A hero is the hope for the hopeless in fantasy. They are the protectors of all things good, and slayer of the wicked. 

The Cleric looks into the distance,
thinking of the epic journey ahead. 
         Most heroes have the same qualities, honor, morality and courage but that doesn’t mean all heroes are the same. They can differ a lot and don't always have to be like Superman. They can be silly, aggressive and full of faults like regular people. The latter being something I feel missing in classic fantasy. All of the characters are so black and white; a good guy is without faults, and the villains are without any redeemable qualities and kill puppies in there spare time.

The Bunny Boppers, a gang of mallet wielding
kids the fight of monsters in their town at night.
With the hopes of one day stopping the notorious
"boogieman," creator of all monster.  

   That is not the case nowadays; characters are a lot more complex. All sorts of people can become a hero in today’s fantasy and I love creating new ones every day.

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Monday, April 2, 2012

Comics Books, ASSEMBLE !

     I love comic books.  I started reading them in high school and never stopped.  I only started buying my own, however a short while ago.  Comics can just be so expensive, which is why I was so excited to discover "The Mighty Mighty Monthly Philly Comic Con".

        It's a monthly event, held every first Sunday of the month, at the International House.  The people there sell comics and toys at amazing discounts. A majority of the books were around 50% off.

My Face Looking At all the Comics
    It was a great time and if you live in the area and are a fan of comic books in general, come to next month's and get some great deals.

    At the end of the day this is what Mia and I ended up with, all for about $35.  Next time I will need a box to carry it all away.

Edited by : Mia Rose Cammisa