Monday, April 23, 2012

The Final Encounter

         Our heroes have had a long journey. They have come a long way to the ice cavern, to their final goal, "The Treasure Room".  However their adventure is not over yet, as they enter the final chamber they are encountered by the cavern's guardian.

The agile archer readies her bow

           The party is at the ready. They're prepared for their most fierce encounter yet. For the first time  they are unsure of their success and fear for their lives as they stair into the eyes of such a dangerous creature.

The Wise Wizard prepares his greatest spell

           But the party must remember they are not alone. Through their adventure they've always had each other to rely on. Still, will their number be enough to see them through this battle? 

The Dreaded Dragon of the Ice Cavern.

Edited by : Mia Rose Cammisa

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