Wednesday, April 18, 2012

A really unlikely Hero

        On my last post I showed a sketch of a hunchback character from my sketchbook: click here.
I didn't plan on doing more with it, but something about his face just called to me and I just had to give this poor guy a little more life.  

         o what about this guy is so special compared to all the other heroes and monsters I’ve been posting lately? It has to do with how sad his story is compared to others. As the creator of that story I felt obligated to go further with his image then others, and also to give him a happy ending! 

        No-Names life was off to a bad start from birth. He was born to poor farmers who hated poor No Name for his physical abnormalities. Their disdain for the deformed child grew as they found that he wasn’t able to help around the farm because of his deformities. They hated their son so they refused to give their own son a name.

         When he hit his teen years luck was on his parent’s side as a traveling freak show came to the town, they sold him at the first offer and was done with him. The show named him Newt, for they said he had the ugly face of the lizard. 

         What No Name had first thought would be a new start to life, that he’d be greeted open arms of acceptance, quickly turned out to be a worse situation than he was in before. No Name preferred the silent neglectful hate of his parents to the loud violent insults of hundreds of circus goers throwing garbage in his face. 

         That was the routine of his life for many years until one day he overheard that Ringleader talking about pulling No Names act. The cruel man has decided to kill No Name before the circus got to the next town. This diabolical plan was never carried out though, as a mysterious fire swept the circus grounds. Everyone there either died or became missing, everyone except one truly nameless freak. It was unknown if he caused the fire or not, but everyone assumed he did and he quickly became the target of a manhunt. 

         Unable to hide or run very far he was caught almost immediately. The towns people carried him to the hangman’s noose where he was set to be hung from his fat slimy neck till dead. 

         The once named Newt, was now a nameless criminal. They walked him onto the platform and the noose placed around his big slimy neck, then his face was covered with a bag to hide his hideousness. When the floor dropped out the crowed listened intently to hear his gasps of the sound of bones cracking. Instead they heard nothing, due to his strong and thick neck nothing happened. They left him there for days in hopes that he would eventually starve to death. One night, as he swung himself to sleep he began to here footstep approaching him. He was scared, for who would approach him unless to do him harm. Suddenly he heard the unsheathing of a blade and boom! He was dropped to the ground. He had be saved! But by who? His rescuers pulled the bag from his head. He saw his savors in the form of the other circus freaks!

         They told him that it was them who started the fire in a plan to escape. They have started a militia that had just taken over the town and wanted him to join.

        Dawning his new warrior attire he would help defend the newly concord town with his fellow deformed brothers, and to alls surprise they would have nothing but victories, until one day when they’d be finally left alone.. They had finally won, they were free from the mocking eyes of others, free to just live in the town they conquered, and years later the nameless freak finally was given a name from his town, Champion.

Edited by : Mia Rose Cammisa

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