Wednesday, April 4, 2012

I need A Hero

          I post a lot about monster, and why not? They're fun, bizarre, and when needed can be ferocious and threatening. For those times when a monster is threatening and terrorizing your town, its time to call in the big guns; its time to call in THE HEROS! A hero is the hope for the hopeless in fantasy. They are the protectors of all things good, and slayer of the wicked. 

The Cleric looks into the distance,
thinking of the epic journey ahead. 
         Most heroes have the same qualities, honor, morality and courage but that doesn’t mean all heroes are the same. They can differ a lot and don't always have to be like Superman. They can be silly, aggressive and full of faults like regular people. The latter being something I feel missing in classic fantasy. All of the characters are so black and white; a good guy is without faults, and the villains are without any redeemable qualities and kill puppies in there spare time.

The Bunny Boppers, a gang of mallet wielding
kids the fight of monsters in their town at night.
With the hopes of one day stopping the notorious
"boogieman," creator of all monster.  

   That is not the case nowadays; characters are a lot more complex. All sorts of people can become a hero in today’s fantasy and I love creating new ones every day.

Edited by : Mia Rose Cammisa

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