Wednesday, March 28, 2012

Tony's Monster Depot !!!

      Monsters, MONSTERS, MONSTERS !!! Everyone loves monsters, form the cute cuddly Totoro, to the evil Skeksis.  And today only at Tony's Monster Depot you can pick up your very own. So lets see what monster we have for you today at Tony's Monster Depot !

The LooPuu 
     Here we see the majestic LooPuu, found only in caves. The LooPuu stands at only 2 feet high, but can stretch his arms up to 7 feet, making it perfect for,

* Reaching high shelves for the elderly

* Playing jump rope with

* Unclogging drains 

* And best of all, slapping people from far away !!!

   But thats not all, The LooPuu survives on a diet of dirt and poop. So are you tired of cleaning up after your pets, and dusting your home worry no more, let your LooPuu do the work. The LooPuu is the perfect monster for any home so come down to Tony's Monster Depot and get yours today! 

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