Monday, February 6, 2012

A Present for a Friend

A great friend

    I have known my friend Mike for about 9 years now, we first met in our high school  and became friends very quickly. It is fun watching someone's work change and evolve so much before your eyes along with you. So why am I writing about him now?

    A short while ago a friend of mine, Mike Burns wrote a very nice blurb about me on his blog. click here to see it. I was very happy and excited when I seen it and thought it was very moving to see him write that about me. After seeing that I knew I had to do something for him. A while back about a year or so ago I made a piece that I referenced mike in. 
The present monsters
    I really liked the piece back then thought it was cute, but even during the time thought the color was the worst and not thought out well at all. So it wouldn't make a good gift to my friend. That is when I decided to give it a nice redo and color it correctly.
The present monsters 
This is now the new version that I made to give to my friend Mike.
    To Mike, Hope you like it.

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