Friday, February 3, 2012

Notebook, Sketches and More!!!

    Been getting work done and have a nice amount to report.

    Quick thing to get out of the way, I am still new to blogger and am still setting up the overall look and I think it is going along nice.

new banner on site as of now.

    on the work side :

    I have been trying to break mainly in children's books and I am enjoying my first job in that field now. At the same time I am preparing my images and cover letter and getting ready to send it off to a whole list of book publishers, so that has taken a nice chunk of my time going through all my images and picking out a few and getting set on some new ones. 

A wizard piece that is in the sketch stage for a new portfolio piece.
   I have always been a huge fan of the whole realm of fantasy, yet noticed I somehow ignored it in a lot of my work, which is something I hope to change. This piece is my first of many in this field. I will be very happy to add this piece to my portfolio as it is much more suited for books.
It shows a character at the same time telling a story and is at the same time a simple layout with a lot going on in it at the same time. 
    I will post updates on this piece as it comes.

   a sketch I want to talk about for no reason :

A very messy work station.

    I was visiting my little sister where she lives, and while sitting waiting for her I started sketching this computer station she has. I just for some silly reason got really into it and how sloppy and broken the area is. The main drawer is of its hinge and to the pile of books off to the side, it just called for me to do a normal sketch of it and I wanted to share it with you.

   ideas for the future : 

   While working on projects I took a little time to rush out a quick sketch, see below.

Burgers.... eat one before it EATS YOU !!!

   It was quick to do and still pretty funny, and got me to thinking of doing something more with doing some quick comic like or quick humor images, this is still an idea but just prepare to see more things of this nature in the future.

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