Thursday, October 3, 2013

Hatching a Yoshi

        In my last post I talked about a zombie image I made that was meant to be used for a T-shirt design.    Check out that post > CLICK HERE

        Well that design is not the only image I made for a T-shirt design.  Though not made for a job I did make a Yoshi shirt design image just as a fun project for myself.  Now everyone knows Yoshi, but just in case you've never played a video game here is a brief description of what Yoshi is.  Yoshi is the cute big eyed green dinosaur in the Mario game series.

Yoshi art from 1990 by Nintendo.

      I remember being a young kid playing SNES and spending hours upon hours playing Super Mario World (which happens to be Yoshi's very first game appearance) and man when ever I hit that block with the Yoshi egg my face would just light up. I knew when I hit that egg I was in for a fun time.  Riding my Yoshi, running through the Mushroom Kingdom and eating up goomba's and koopa's, and spitting them out at enemies. (Oh and unlike a lot of others I would never sacrifice my Yoshi for that extra Jump boost, you know who you are).  In short Yoshi is one of my very favorite power ups in video games, cause its not only a power up its also a partner and I think that's just the coolest.

     But one thing I didn't realize as a kid that Yoshi was an actual Dinosaur I mean look and him!!!

Another Yoshi image by Nintendo.
Does that look like a Dinosaur, no not at all when I think Dinosaur I think more...

Image from Jurassic park.

       Oh god, yea that thing, now that is a dinosaur, which finally brings me to my Yoshi image, and my attempt to connect him back to his prehistoric roots.

Now how do you ride that?

      Now that is a Dinosaur and I think a pretty cool T-shirt design.  also a fun detail about the design is like the Yoshi and there many colors, the design is made so that whatever color shirt you pick is the color Yoshi that is hatched, pretty cool right?
Green shirt Yoshi!

Blue shirt Yoshi!

      So that is my tribute to one of my favorite early childhood characters from some of my first experiences playing video games.

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