Monday, September 30, 2013

Zombies. Roar!

      Zombies are everywhere these day.  Movies, TV, video games, comics, and books all have been swarmed by zombies and why not everyone loves zombies, and right when you think they are getting old and you've become sick of them someone comes up with a way to breath new life into them, and your hooked all over again. Hell one of my favorite "things" is the Song of Ice and Fire books and even it uses zombies as its main antagonist of the series in the form of the White Walkers.  
 (sorry just wanted to bring up Game of Thrones)

      Zombies are also just amazing to see, its always fun looking at zombie make-ups and illustrations. so why talk about zombies, well a while back a friend of mine asked me if I wanted to do a T-shirt design with a undead theme so I jumped at the chance.

Unused zombie design

         I really loved making this image and my friend liked it too but sadly the deal fell through due to a mutual misunderstanding, which is too bad cause I think this would look great on a shirt.



         Just for fun I just can't help but to post a small list of a few zombie films. they're pretty fun so if there is any on this list you haven't seen give them a try.  (this list is in no order)
  • Fido - 2006
  • Day of the dead - 1985
  • Shaun of the dead - 2004 (its a requirement to list this film)
  • The Return of the Living Dead - 1985
  • Dead Alive (aka Brain Damage) - 1992
  • Re-Animator - 1985
  • [REC] - 2007
  • Slither - 2006
  • The Evil Dead - 1981 ( of course that also counts for the sequel and army of darkness)
  • Tokyo Zombie - 1999
  • ZombieLand - 2009

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