Friday, August 22, 2014

Goblins on Parade

A while ago i was commissioned to do a series of images. I was given a lot of freedom with this project, with the only guideline being that it had to be “Magic the Gathering” inspired.

I decided to focus on Goblins as a theme to tie them all together as a cohesive series with each piece being separated by the Goblins profession cause hey even a Goblins got to make a living.

The professions, or classes I chose were Warriors, Shaman, Builders, and a Dragon-rider.

After a series of  thumbnails and sketches I came up this these final images and below are the original ink scans.

1. The builders

  The Builders fight by creating all sorts of artifacts and explosives, which they use to cause confusion on the battlefield and with such a large verity of toys in there arsenal they are prepared for any situation.

2. The dragon rider
The dragon rider causes chaos and terror using the incredible force of his pet. How a Goblin trains a dragon is still a mystery.

3. The Shaman
The Shaman harvests the energy of the spirt world, though mostly using its power as a healer, he can unleash extraordinary magic to destroy his enemies.

4. The Warrior
The warriors use there overwhelming numbers to annihilate any that stand in there why, picking up scraps of armor and battered weapons along the way.